Friday, June 6, 2008

wild week

The weather this week has been quixotic, with a full mix of sun and wind and rain. Temperments, and energy levels have seemed to match. I have been working on a doll that was just not working for over a year. we have finally come an agreement on exactly what she should be wearing, down to her black with lace applique undies. lots of hand-sewing, and I had to paint the lace as I didn't have any black lace.

I finished another pincushion this week, another cake that is pink and cream, with multiple shades of pink embroidery, my youngest dd loves it, now I just need to get a decent pic of it.

also this week, the youngest dd stuck a tic-tac up her nose, and had to go the ER during the worst rain storm of the week, and the next day my youngest son got into a fight with the cat and the cat scratched his eye. Luckily now one was seriously hurt, and mom can start to breath again.

Friday, May 30, 2008

an awesome class

I was truly privledged to get to take an online class with Julia McCullough at It was a mask class and I learned alot.

The picture above is of my first finished mask from the class. It is a pheonix head. The mask is all cloth, with a simple wire frame. It is wearable, and easy to see out off. The embelishment techniques included tyvek, using angelina film, and free motion embrodiery.

Sunny days

Today the weather is lovely. After several days of grey and rain, everything looks clean and clear and bright. The flowers are budding, the trees are in full leaf, and the grass looks so healthy. I think I may set aside all the projects I have been working on, and make a little bird or some mice out of felt. I found a blog today, by someone whose talents I have long admired. If you get a chance check it out, and her website stuff. very inspiring.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

coming out of hibernation

Warm weather is returning to Iowa, the sun is shining, the weeds are growing....

I feel like I have more energy. All through the winter, I was creating and then I hit that transition time, feb. when the winter here is it at its greyest, and coldest, and I got the flu, the real flu for the first time in like ten years. Its only been in the last few weeks that I have felt like myself again.

Projects, priority one now is to clean my studio, I get so overwhelmed by the mess when I walk out, I often end up walking out without getting anything done. I must also learn to say now when people ask to leave stuff in my studio, I have my own junk, I don't need anyone elses cluttering up my space.

I resolve to not take any projects unless its something I really, really, want to do. I loved making the inchies for a recent swap on artchix, but I am dragging my feet on the current RR I am involved in for my doll club, the theme just doesn't thrill me.

Slowly I am learning, that if I take on a project that I feel I ough to, instead of wanting to, I feel stiffled creativly, and it makes me not want to create, instead of feeding my spirit. To help me through the doldrums of winter, I made lovely little pincushions some from a book called Kokoro no Te by Kumiko Sudo, working with yummy colored silks and feeling like I was playing brightened my day.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Getting ready for the Holidays!

Three of the dolls I made for the Christmas our doll club decorates at the Dodge House in Council Bluffs.

It has been several busy months around here. I think I definetly bit off more than I could chew, with projects I agreed to. I have been making garb, for friends and family, cooking feasts, making dolls, and trying to find time, to spend cleaning up my constantly in a state of needing repair, house. I hope that the holidays will allow me some time to just focus on things I want to learn, and the time to finish some projects I really want to make.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sunshine and memories

This is my littlest treasure on her first birthday. and also on her brothers birthday playing in the tissue paper.
She is quite the little princess. She loves to look at dolls, and run away with my doll parts.
She loves to be outside and to look out the window and catch the sunshine in her hand.